Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Obair Bhaile                                                                                    1ú lá/de mhí na Bealtaine/2018

Reading: Please read for a minimum of 15mins each night and make a record of your reading in your Reading Log.
MYM: Pg 56 & 57 - Week 26 - complete Mon - Thurs sections by Thursday.
Maths: Revise any topics you feel you need to practise. Look in your Maths display booklet and study the 'How to do Long Division' sheet, the 'Operations' booklet (which contains multiplication, division, addition and subtraction info) and finally revise the 'Fractions for Parents' booklet. Decimals, Fractions and Percentages Test tomorrow. 

NB. Here is the link for people to share pictures of the 6th class kids from their time @ Belmayne ETNS. These pictures will be used in our graduation videos and slideshows. Your uploads are greatly appreciated. 


  • Read Graduation note re. Grad letters and hand print art.
  • Please bring in a calculator, protractor and a compass
  • Some people also need new glue sticks, pens, rulers, etc.
  • Please read Uisce and Graduation note carefully - & Please sign & return The BYOD / AUP Policy and the Food Forms.
  • Please bring in 3euro for the Literacy & Drama workshops.
  • PE: Every Thursday or Friday. 
  • Graduation date: June 8th, 2018

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