Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Obair Bhaile                                                                                       24ú lá/de mhí Éanair/2018

Litriú Gaeilge: learn new phrases 'An Am' (the time) and 'frasaí nua' in display booklet.

English Spellings: Term 2 - Week 3 - Long vowel sounds. Learn them - Look,say,cover, spell, write & check. If you don't do Irish put each spelling into a sentence to show you understand the meaning of each word.
Reading: Please read for a minimum of 15mins each night and make a record of your reading in your Reading Log.
MYM: Pg 36 & 37 - Week 16 - complete Mon - Thurs sections by Friday.
Gaeilge: Learn the story 'Éadaí' off by heart and be able to write it out. 
Gaeilge: Practise your three new Seanfhocail's. You will have to write these out this Friday in Irish and English.
Maths: Important - Bring blue pen, red pen, ruler, protractor, pencil and rubber into school tomorrow. You need these. Some people missing lots of stationery. 


  • Please return permission slips regarding local and organised school trips. Please also cancel your school lunch online or at the school office if your child is no longer eating it. 
  • PE: Every Tuesday - Tag Rugby training. This will continue for 6 weeks (until the midterm break) and we will compete in a tag rugby blitz in Suttonians RFC after we have completed the training. Please wear runners, tracksuit bottoms, leggings/shorts and general sports gear every Tuesday and Thursday. Thank you.
  • Uisce dates: Monday April 23rd - Wednesday April 25th 2018
  • Graduation date: June 8th, 2018

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