Monday, 27 November 2017

Obair Bhaile                                                                              27ú lá/de mhí Samhain/2017

Litriú Gaeilge: learn new words for Irish game 'Dúradáin' - phrases in display booklet.
English Spellings: Week 14 - 'ary' words. Learn them - Look,say,cover, spell, write & check. Put each spelling into a sentence to show you understand the meaning of each word.
Reading: Please read for a minimum of 15mins each night and make a record of your reading in your Reading Log.
MYM: Pg. 28 & 29 - Week 12 - complete Mon - Thurs sections by Friday.
Gaeilge: Learn the poem 'Bia'. Be able to say it orally.
Maths: Revise fractions, Decimals and Percentages sheet (in display booklet) should learn off by heart - test Friday. Will also check if you can multiply and divide fractions.
Geography: Learn counties, provinces of Ireland - will test tomorrow.
  • Bring back test copies and reading logs - please get them signed.
NB. Upcoming 6th Class Trips/Days Out:

1. Marathon Kids - has been re-scheduled to this Thursday, 30th November 2017. We hope to be there and register at 10am. The race should be shortly afterwards. Parents are welcome to attend. It's in Morton Stadium, Santry. Wear appropriate clothing (leggings, shorts, under armour, runners, t-shirt, etc.) and bring a separate gear bag with lunch and drinks. 
2. We are going to visit a mosque in Clonskeagh on Wednesday, November 29th. We hope to bring the kids somewhere else afterwards (e.g. a park, museum, etc.). 
3. Finally we are hoping to bring the kids to see the film 'Wonder' before we finish up for the Christmas holidays. (The children read this novel in 5th Class.) We are yet to confirm the exact date for this trip. The total cost for the 3 Trips is 12euro. The 12euro will go towards the buses for these trips. The school is covering all additional costs as we are conscious that the Christmas Holidays are approaching and that money can be tight at this time of the year. 

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