Monday, 18 September 2017

Homework 18-9-17

  Obair Bhaile                  18ú/Meán Fómhair/2017

     MYM: Pg. 12 & 13 – Complete week 4 by this Friday – complete at least one section per night.

     English Spellings: Week 3 – ‘in’ words – Look, say, cover, spell, write & check – Put all 13 spellings into sentences by this Friday. At least 3-4 sentences per night.

     Litriú Gaeilge: ‘le’ agus ‘ó’ to learn by Friday. Learn English meaning too.

     History: Finish comic strip in SESE hardback, sequencing the journey of the Titanic

     Tables: 1 – 12 division and multiplication tables to learn for Friday. Tables list in H/W journal.

     Reading: minimum 15mins per night and record progress in your Reading Log.

     Please note: Swimming starts this Thursday. Payment online – 25euro. 

Please get Test copy and all Friday Tests signed e.g. the ear, tables test, Master Your Maths Test.

Copy and paste the above link into your search bar - Chance for the School to win 10k!!! 

Have a great weekend! Friday's cool cause there's no more school! :) 

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